Some things simply aren't meant to be consumed in one sitting. If this applies to your products, then Licton's zipper bags are meant for you. Our reclosable, reusable, and recyclable zipper bags are perfect for hotdogs, nuggets, and other frozen items, as well as chips, chocolates, and other snack items.

High Quality Zippers

We use only the highest quality zippers in our bags. This ensures that your products remain securely sealed - your zipper bags will not accidentally open up during shipment or under rough handling.

Exceptional Print Quality

Don't let your products get lost in a sea of other products. Our printing processes give your bags vibrant colors and crisp graphics that really attract customers' attention.

High Film Clarity

Our zipper bags are crystal clear and show off your products better than the competition. Let your customers see your wares, even before they open the bag.

Toluene-free links

Licton uses only food-safe material to produce zipper bags. Only toluene-free inks are used to print on these bags. We make sure your products, and consequently, your customers, are free from toxic contaminants.