From our humble beginnings in 1976, we have evolved into one of the leading plastics companies in the country. We have continuously updated our technology, equipment and processes and can now boast of having some of the most modern in the industry. Our computerized systems allow us to monitor jobs to ensure efficient production and meet delivery commitments.

Quality Policy

To provide quality products and meet customer requirements at all times and continuously work on improving the level of customer satisfaction.

Product Lines


Each morning, our breakfast sausages or ham comes in a pack of 6's or 1O's, and the very thing that holds and stores them together ... yes, you got it. .. plastic. Without plastics, it would be difficult to store, transport and even dispose not only food, but also our furniture, and our favorite electronics and gadgets. It's the most dynamic, convenient and low cost packaging option available. You can shape it any way that you need to. It's water resistant. It requires very little space for storage and transport. It's durable and reusable. You can even label and brand plastics as you see fit.

Licton made it its mission to harvest the power of polyethylene and deliver it to your business. We manufacture safe and flexible packaging products and services. We offer superior quality and high level of technical expertise to assist you in developing the right packaging solution for your needs, because we believe that our plastic packaging should empower your product.

Licton differentiates itself by providing personal service to our customers, from design and development to timely production and delivery. More than client servicing, we believe in building partnerships. Licton has built its reputation,not only on quality packaging and unparalleled service, but also on established long-term partnerships with our clients.