Packaging is an essential element in introducing your product to the market. While you may have a very good product but your competitor has a more attractive packaging, chances are you lose on your potential customers.

We at Licton Industrial aspire to be your partner by providing you with attractive, reliable and affordable packaging. This website introduces you to a variety of plastic packaging products. As an added service to the rapidly changing needs of the market, we have commissioned an artist to create or modify existing art works.

Plastic bags are a familiar component of modern living-whether for business or personal purposes. As a low cost, light weight but strong and durable packaging material, millions of people around the world consume and dispose of this bag everyday.

As a leading plastic packaging manufacturer in the Philippines, we are aware of the need to help nourish our planet and reduce global warming while using convenient and affordable plastics. As part of our goal to continually grow and serve the needs of our customers, we are now producing OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastics, which are made by blending an additive into the plastic that causes its molecular structure to breakdown when exposed to heat or sunlight. The degradation time varies depending on the amount of exposure to degradation promoters (sunlight, heat and microorganisms).

Once it becomes litter, it could degrade in under 12 months compared to conventional plastic bags that will remain around for decades thus saving valuable landfill space. Oxo-biodegradable plastics have been the industry standard for many years now in many industrialized countries.

Armed with this innovation, we can help you and your business save the environment. Call us now for more details about this breakthrough technology.