Chicken, ham, bacon, and other frozen products require tough packaging that can widthstand the rigors of the deep freeze. Fotunately, Licton's bags are not only up to the task, but poised to brighted up any freezer with their vibrant designs. With our bags, your meat products will rule over supermarket freezers.

Exceptional Print Quality

Don't let your products get lost in a sea of other products. Our printing processes give your bags vibrant colors and crisp graphics that really attract customer's attention.

High Film Clarity

Our bags are crystal clear and show off your products better than the competition. Let your customers see your wares, even before they open the bag.

Toluene-free links

Licton uses only food-safe material to produce meat bags. Only toluene-free inks are used to print on these bags. We make sure your products, and consequently, your customers, are free from toxic contaminants.